Bar Stools: history of development, technologies, features

As we know the appearance of bar stools in our home interiors is not recent. It is not difficult to imagine the design of the first bar stool. It was a high stool without soft pillow on it, and it is hard to say that it was comfortable. A bit later bar stools were began to be covered with leather and decorated with dye. Then items in baroque style upholstered with velvet, silk, fringe and decorated with fretwork began to emerge. However shortly after that producers and consumers had been bored with all this luxury and little by little stringency of shapes, symmetry and noble décor has entered into the design of stools. At the beginning of last century the new style – “the modern” had appeared. The features of this style are refined forms, bent even lines. It is that time when known to everybody Viennese stools had appeared, which are famous in our time as well. On the next step of development bar stools on metal frames of different geometrical shapes had shown. In order to diversify models producers began to tinge metal in different colors and took advantage of galvanizer. Modern bar stools can be classified in several features:

– Materials
– Features of design
– The area of usage
Thus the style can be classic and contemporary. Manufacturing bar stools in classic style producers use natural wood materials of dark tints, leather or fabric. If having metal elements the covering of copper or brass is used. For more rich interiors the bar stools with crocodile leather upholstery are introduced. Forged bar stools are also reckoned to the category of classic style. They add to interior grace and light. Contemporary bar stools are available in high-tech style, vanguard (soft quiet style), which is called by Italian producers “contemporaneo”, “moderno”. In production of traditional contemporary bar stools of vanguard style such materials as wood, plastic, rare leather is used. The color of wood is usually cherry or walnut. These bar stools are perfectly looked in modern interior. Among contemporary style bar stools it is easy to find also wicker bar stools. Often they are made with metallic frame and wicker seat and back. In production of bar stools in high-tech style advanced technologies are utilized which means usage a minimum of ornaments and additional elements and maximum modern materials. For this style metal, plastic, leather is used in production. Predominant colors are silvery, white and chromium.
The design is very peculiar so that you need to have correspondent interior to it. According to construction or design bar stools differ in height: high bar stool – “BarHocker” in german, bar stool with less height – TresenHocker. Also bar stools can be distinguished by design of legs: four legs stools, one leg with base, two legs of frame type, revolve stools and with height adjustment. The stool can be with back or without it as well. In turn stool’s back can be casted or can be fastened on it. The seat can be rectangular or round shape.
The area where bar stools are used is diversified. It can be home interior or public places interior, where bar stools are to stand hard loads because they are used in 10-15 times more often than in home. Correspondingly the construction must be very durable and firm. Enhanced requirements are spread not only on legs and seats but also on materials – upholstery, covering. You should keep in mind one thing – while choosing bar stools take into consideration the design and style of whole placements (home accommodation, restaurants) and its color gamma. Following these simple steps you will not make wrong choice.

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At the image shown the Metro Bar Stools in Natural and White

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