Beauty of unfinished furniture

This post is devoted to the very heart of unfinished furniture – to its beauty! In my point of view, the most exciting what can be in this category of furniture is its naturalness and capability to bring fresh uniqueness into home interior! Frankly, the surf-riding through the internet has let me know many new things with which I will gladly share with you here!
So for what qualities so many people prefer unfinished furniture in their homes? The research has shown that most of the people like the furniture’s construction as it is handmade from solid wood thus serving you for years! The craftsmanship and the quality of wood can be evidenced through the flaws on the furniture surface. Not the last role in making the unfinished furniture so popular plays the ability of consumers to bring their own ideas into its design by means of specially matched hardware and colour tints. Something magnetic is seen through the soft combination of modern urban style with antique theme perfectly getting the feel of your home interior!
Now It is interesting to know why people with the availability of wide range of modern finished furniture designed along with the latest style ideas still want to have some unfinished elements in their home!?
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