Bedroom marvels

The bedroom is one of the most substantial pieces of your home because of the much time you have there. This unique part of the house reflects individual tastes and host’s character. The bedroom can be overfilled with furniture or can be near-empty, it can be designed in dark or light colors, but the most important what you are to keep in mind is the bedroom’s capability to please your eye and let you to relax. Bedroom is your empire where you are a king so then as a king you are to make arrangements on your own according to preferences and whim. Nothing should destroy your peace in your possessions, thus every sundry is to be thought carefully. Nowadays in contemporary flats bedroom is often divided among other home pieces with just light constructions – partitions.
While choosing furniture for bedroom let your wills to be strong. Step aside from standard canons and try to be as creative as possible. The main element of any bedroom is a bed. It can be compared with a stone of fruit. If the stone is durable and strong the fruit will be healthy and tasty, so is true for bed in a bedroom. If chosen in appropriate way it will improve the atmosphere in a room, make it more welcome and cozy. While in a process of selecting a bed take your close attention to quality of futon and durability of grid. It is recommended to have a futon from cotton, flax or wool with a stuffing from coconut chips or seaweeds. It is very important to attend to the disposition, size and shape of the bed while choosing it. Specialists advise to place the bed in such a way to see the entrants to your room. If you have no opportunity to do this then hang a mirror on a wall but you should not see yourself in it. It will be wrong decision to place your bed perpendicular to the window, but you can fence in house plant or screen. The backrest of the bed symbolizes the security of feelings and hides you from extraneous eyes. According to feng shui theory the one’s sleep depends on the shape of the back. It is non desirable to choose triangled back, because it is considered that it will bring anxiety to your sleep. Want to have sound sleep then choose high right-angled or wavelike back. However Chinese specialists recommend to choose furniture with smoothed angles, soft shapes and simple design. The furniture for rest should not be too complicated and it should not to distract attention.

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