Capstan Table: transformer-table

Capstan Table: transformer-table
Often the situations occur when you suddenly need a big table – dining or working – for some time. For example, you plan some celebration or meeting. But it is not always comfortable to keep the big table in office or room – it takes place and the folding tables are not always convenient in exploitation. The designer David Fletcher offers the interesting variant of settling this problem – tables Capstan.

The main positive features of this round table are its lightness and speed of transformation of its size. One circular movement can change the amount of places from 6 to 12.

Each table is an unique hand-made product made of expensive sorts of wood. It is necessary to mention that the table weights a lot because of its complicated construction and mechanism – 220 kilos. So it is better to find the ideal place for it once and for all.

The structure of the table looks like the multi-layer puzzle. The upper layer consists of 6 segments looking like pieces of pizza or cake. Each segment is a place for one person. Under the upper layer there are 6 elements more and under them there is a central star-shaped segment.

To change the size of the table it is necessary to turn off the ring under the table weakening the clutch and roll the surface of the table counter-clockwise (much) or clockwise (less).

There are four variants of this table so it is possible to choose any ideal variant suitable for the certain place.

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