Comfortable bar stools

Pera Wire Counter Stool in White Leatherette
Before deciding to buy bar stools you should determine if there is some sense in it. Bar stool should stand at the bar: it is high and you can not put it at other table. Moreover the bar has already become the habitual element in many interiors. However you should choose the bar stools correctly: material, style and construction of the stool. (The photo above shows Pera Wire Counter Stool in White Leatherette)

In the base of any stool there obligatory will be a metal frame. Besides metal the bar stool can be made of wood. But often the wood is finished to look like marble, metal or plastic. In furnishing of bar stools plastic, glass and leather are often used. They present in furnishing of the back, armrests and in construction of sitting. Bar stools can be hard or soft – both variants are wide-spread.

Styles of bar stools will be suitable for any interior. Models of any colors, forms and sizes will look appropriate. Only try not to “merge” into other elements of interior. This is not only furniture but also very bright accessory which has the great designer potential.

Any comfortable bar stool should have the stand for feet. It is more important than the back. It will help to keep the convenient position while sitting without feeling the ground with the legs. Convenience is the most important quality of the bar stool – the more comfortable the person feels the longer time he will spend at the bar.

Interesting and comfortable decision is a bar stool – transformer. It can be regulated in height and that means that any member of the family and guest feels comfortable.

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