Decoration of outer wall

Marvelous picture, isn’t it?! This is one of the ideas how to make your home attractive and nice from the inner side of your garden! Imagine how pleasant it is to lounge in the patio and to enjoy the ethic beauty and inspiration while looking at your home’s wall!
How to make this beauty? For making cheerful containers, you should stain them in colors that will complement the flowers! But remember if your pots made of terra-cotta are porous and the paint can harm the flowers soaking inside the pots. That is why use all-natural powdered pigments. Then mix pigment with a paint extender to desired shade. Combine shades of blue, purple and white and then add a little water to get the color of the required saturation. With the help of foam brush paint the outside of the pots and let them dry overnight.
The final step will require from you only the fastening of ready wonderful pots on the wall. Now you have one more idea how to make your life bright!

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