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Caldwell Sleigh Headboard
For long time already the headboard is absolutely independent element of furniture and can be bought separately from the bed. It often helps us to make our sleeping place more comfortable and cozy, prevent the walls and wallpapers from soiling and create the interesting accent in the interior of the bedroom or children room.
There are three types of headboards: stationary, attached and hinged. The stationary headboard is the part of construction of the bed and can be met most often. Detaching the headboard from the base in this case can lead to the destroying of whole bed. Therefore if the bed with the stationary headboard is bored you will have to buy the new model: it is impossible to change one headboard to another.

Attaching headboard is one of the elements of modular program of furniture for bedroom. The blocks are built into entire composition with the niche for mattress. Besides the usual modules for keeping (cases, chests, cupboards) the program includes some transitional elements, for example the table top and mirror for vanity table. The advantage of attaching headboard is its functionality: the consumer builds it according to his needs and necessary capacity. The headboard can also look like the cupboard behind which the full-fledged wardrobe is situated.

The hinged headboard looks like the picturesque canvas – it is hang over the bed. In the simplest case this is the frame which is muffled up with the layer of filling and covered with the upholstery textile. As a rule that concerns very high headboards – more than 110 cm and they are fixed to the wall. Such hinged headboards are usually sold as a unit with appropriate bed.

Some producers offer the variant of “changeable headboards” for the hosts who like making modifications in their interiors quite often. Such headboards are universal and suitable for any bed.

The headboards for children beds are often the real masterpieces because owing to them it is possible to create any atmosphere in the room of your child. They can reflect the theme of his favorite fairy tale or sport or hobby and give your child the wonderful mood every day.

Article taken from http://blog.theunfinishedfurniture.com/2010/08/23/headboard-without-the-bed
At the image shown the Caldwell Sleigh Headboard.

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