Functional and Space -Saving Dining Tables

Small tables are a godsend for a modest dining room. Not always the dining area allows you to put in it a full table. In such cases, for an aid comes a small table. Often, small tables are equipped with a system transformation. With a few simple manipulations, a small convertible table turns into a functional dining table.

Tables by DomItalia Furniture

Quite often you can find a small table with folding worktop. This model is good that if necessary it can be quickly folded and put away out of sight. Despite modest size, the small dining table can be very convenient. The undeniable advantage of the small table is the ability to easily move it from one corner, from room to room. During warmer months, this table can easily make the garden or balcony, arranging a tea party outdoors. Modern tables for the dining can be like the usual classic look, and absolutely fantastic shape.

Vegas Extendable Dining Table

Folding Dining Tables are typically consist of several kinds of materials. For example, the legs and trim can be made of wood; worktop from veneer chipboard; but the fasteners tend to made of steel. Most often, to manufacture folding and sliding table used wood, glass, laminated MDF, plywood and even plastic or aluminum.

Forms of countertop and folding models can be different, most often:

Efficiently take up space and at the same time quite roomy, so these models are recommended for small dining rooms. As a rule, square extendable tables become rectangular;

Round. They require more usable space, so less suitable for a small dining room. However, round tables are best to make the space cozy. The extendable form of round tables become oval due to more supplementary boards;

Rossella Round Dining Table by ESF Furniture

Oval. This kind of tables are more efficiently take up space and more spacious than the circular model. At the same time they are also look beautiful and traditional;

Flavia Dining Table
Parker Extendable Dining Table

Rectangular. It is the most common model because of its spaciousness and comfort. Suitable for large and for small dining spaces, it can be decomposed by type “books” or move apart, increasing by half.

Alicia Extendable Dining Table by Chintaly Imports Furniture

Once the shape and material chosen, it is time to determine with color. In the small dining area it is very important that folding table does not clutter the space visually. Therefore, dark colors are inappropriate. It is better to choose light colors, but of course, taking into account the color of the other dining room furniture.

Lastly, no matter is your dining area small or big, it would better to not forget about those requirements that are best for every dining and kitchen area, such as; durability, functionality, safety and also cleanliness.

Dining room plays a significant role in modern housing as it is the place where we not only eat but also spending joyful time with family and friends. Hence, to create maximum comfort and coziness in the dining room it is important to choose the right furniture for the dining room. Nevertheless, the process itself should give a pleasant and good experience.


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