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Conrad White Bycast PU Adjustable Sofa
Furniture is the base of any interior. It strikes the keynote of all dwelling, forms its mood and style. Therefore we aspire to choose something exclusive and original, moreover now it is not difficult to find out about all fashionable tendencies at the market.

The furniture fashion is very capricious. During the recent 10 years styles and orientations have changed each other for several times. The strict competition at the world market led to appearance of new unique ideas and conceptions of furniture.

The cosmic forms, pure manufacturability, experiments with unreal colors – these are distinctive features of the design of 90-s. Being tired of shocking and freakish styles the consumer strived after traditions and remembered classic. The recent furniture exhibitions in Köln and Milan showed that the classic furniture of various look win the market again.

Classic and modern are the most popular styles at the market today. The classical furniture is easily recognized, it is made of traditional materials, mainly of valuable sorts of wood. Its forms are geometrically correct without any innovations. As for modern here glass, metal, plastic and textiles are used along with wood. Such furniture differs with the variety of constructions and surprises with bold and unexpected forms.

Today the natural materials are in fashion. They do not have the traditional look but become similar to artificial plastic and glass. In its turn the producers try to “ennoble” plastic making the disseminations of natural materials: glass, pebble, wood shavings.

The forms of furniture changed. The cabinet furniture got lightness and transparency. The brightness tendency is plenty of open shelves, niches and bookstands, prevalence of glass. There is no clear division into sections. Open and close parts, wide and narrow cells, high and low shelves alternate freely.

The soft furniture becomes lower and more volume. The size of sittings, backs and armrests increases. The shapes of armchairs and sofas aspire to comfort and functionality. The frames of soft furniture get flexibility and now can take any desirable forms.

The distinctive features of new sofas include plenty of hidden useful trifles: attached tables, folding shelves, built-in bars, lightings and demountable trays to support the additional comfort.

To choose the best furniture among the present abundance you should remember two axioms: good things cannot be cheap and it is best of all to commit the choice to the professionals.

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At the image shown the Conrad White Bycast PU Adjustable Sofa

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