How to choose a sofa

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Firstly try to sit and lie on the sofa, while purchasing. If the sofa is folding, then try to fold and unfold it several times. And do not try to fold-unfold the sofa carefully, if it will not withstand several times, then the quality is awful.
The frame of the sofa is usually made of dried timber. Sometimes flake board may be used, though it must be covered with special paint, to prevent emission of harmful elements. If the frame will not be dried, than the sofa will creak. Mostly people recall the presence of the frame, when it starts to creak. However you can identify the type of frame of the sofa in the store. Sofa from a flake board will be quite heavy. Frames from wood bars would be heavy to, however they will cost much more than those made from a flake board.
Ask the salesman of the type of the wood, used in the sofa frame. Oak, nut wood, beech and mahogany are the most expensive and the most qualitative ones. Luxurious sofas are made from these types of wood. However not every consumer can afford this type of sofas. It is though that a good must be with springs. But mostly the quality of these springs is awful and they will not last long. When you sit on a sofas made of foam, you must feel how it sags under you weight, but when you stand up it must return to its usual position.
And of course before you enter the furniture store, you should think about how much free space you can give to a sofa, what design, color and style you would prefer and how much money you are ready to spend. This will make your search and the work of the store advisers much easier. Good luck!

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