how to pick a futon
Before you go and buy a futon, you should make sure, that the chosen futon in the best way conforms to your demands. Purchase of a futon maybe cheap alternative to purchase of regular mattress but if you do not know what futon is good to you, you will regret for a time of sleeping on it.

Futons become very popular these days. This functional furniture is perfectly entered in an interior when you don’t have extra room for your guest. Futons usually cost much cheaper than traditional beds or convertible sofas.

First, there are two types of futon frames: Bi-folds with seat part and back, and to tri-folds. If we speak about bi-folds, it is meant, that a mattress folded ones in the middle. Tri-folded futons accordingly folded in two places, third on sitting, third back and last third folded on a back or under seat. In the closed position the bi-fold futon offers a bigger seating space, rather than tri-folded futon. Bi-fold futons is more common and like a traditional sofa, while tri-fold futon is more like a loveseat. If the space is very limited, it is better to go with tri-fold futon.

Second, comfort of a futon sofa in any position, sitting or laying is not the frame but futhow to pick a futonon mattress. Tri-fold futon mattresses are much thiner than the bi-folds. Therefore, if you are going to use a mattress on a regular basis, you should to give a thought on purchase of a bi-fold futon frame with comfortable futon mattress.The thick mattress tends to render more support. But if priority is the space, and use of the futon is occasional- go with loveseat futon frame.

The today’s furniture market offers a huge choice of futons for any taste. You can find futons in many stores today, as well as the Internet. The most known brands are Goldbond, Otis and Kodiak Furniture. All three futon brands are made in the USA and in accordance with all the standards set by the United States.

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