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Home theatre appeared recently and this is quite expensive and elite pleasure. But in spite of the cost and certain conditions for setting such equipment at home the popularity of home cinemas grows.
Home cinema is the professionally planned placement where the large screen, specially chosen acoustic system and projector with high optical resolution. On the quality of chosen and settled correctly equipment the fullness of experienced feelings depends.

To provide the optimal quality of sound and image the home cinema should be placed in the separate room. It is better if it has the rectangular elongate form with minimum of windows. The solid curtains on the windows are obligate. The size of the room determines the choice of equipment. Instead of the large screen the TV-set with big diagonal or plasma display panel can be set.

Textile in the interior of the room for home cinema besides decoration function can put out acoustic noise. Besides this all possible draperies, carpets and mobile partitions can divide the big placement into separate zones or on the contrary unite the spice into entire.

Furniture for home cinemas is various by their forms but soft and comfortable armchairs and sofas on which it is possible not only to sit but also to lie. You can add several pillows of different sizes and plaids. The room also needs low tables with shelves and legs on the castors and also the stands for keeping  CDs.

The lighting of the placement requires though out decisions: it should be many-leveled and many-variant. It is best of all if there are several lightings set in different levels and in different zones of the room.

The equipment for home cinema blends quite well with the most of interiors, especially hi-tech. For other styles of interior (for example for such complicated historical ones as empire, Victorian or rococo) the equipment can be draped with the curtain or hide behind the column. The projector can be hanged under the ceiling or take off to the special niche. The large screen of TV-set or LCD can be placed in the special place in the cabinet furniture and close with doors.

All these designer decisions are necessary if you set your home cinema in the living room, for example. Anyway the advantage and pleasure of having home cinema is unquestionable.

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