Matryoshka Furniture

This next compact living concept combines many types of fantastic and versatile pieces of furniture into one amazing all-in-one furniture set. Perfect for small apartments and student rooms, the furniture set can transform into a living room, dining room, bedroom and office with a few simple moves. Invented by a group of students gathered around a furniture movement –Matroshka Furniture – the compact concept measures 15 square meters.
Russian nesting dolls served as inspiration for the project. This great furniture design follows the principles of Russian doll. Components that aren’t needed at any given time are slid or placed inside another component, so they don’t use up your precious space. Even the seats themselves pull double duty as storage boxes. The highly portable furniture set includes everyday items like bookshelves, drawers, an office space, a double bed, couch, dinner table with four square stools, a wardrobe and additional storage. The simple modular furniture can easily fit into tight spaces and offer you the best of compact living. Don’t you love it?

Matroshka Furniture comprises Sara Remnerth, Anna Fossane and Anna Thorsaeus, who met as Industrial Design students at Mid Sweden University and have been running the company since 2009. In working to develop new furniture it is critical to do more than churn out just another product. Our furniture is built to be used, which makes quality, comfort and function three key elements. Giving the customer furniture that goes beyond the ordinary is the company’s passion. Their vision is to be the leading brand in multifunctional furniture.

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