Mattress with orthopedic effect

Cumulus 8.5
The word combination “orthopedic mattress” was heard by many people and perhaps they think that this kind of mattresses is the best. But you should know that there are mattresses with orthopedic effect and without it.
Nowadays the modern technologies of producing of mattresses allow making it with more complicated constructive decisions of spring block. Such mattress allows the spine remaining straight during sleeping.

As a rule the orthopedic mattress has the spring block with independent springs where every spring is sewed in the separate cover. Owing to this every spring squeezes separately adapting to different parts of human body. The important advantage of orthopedic mattresses is their absolute noiselessness because the springs do not touch each other.

For creating several zones of hardness in some models of orthopedic mattresses are used the springs with different thickness of wire. Sometimes you can meet the mattress one half of which is harder than other – they are made for people with different weight category.

Besides the different construction of spring blocks the important distinctive feature of orthopedic mattresses is in different fillings which are placed above the spring block and give the mattress hardness or softness. Often in such mattresses one of the fillings is coir fiber, latex or horsehair. These materials have the wide range of useful for orthopedic mattress qualities. They give the mattress firmness, elasticity and hygienicity. In the elite mattresses in the upper layer the 100% wool is used. It can absorb the moisture and also has antibacterial qualities.

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At the image shown the Cumulus 8.5″ Natural Latex Mattress

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