Mid-Century Modern Furniture Gain Popularity

Why Gain popularity?

James Chair | Grey Linen by TOV Furniture

Mid-Century Modern is an architecture style, as well as interior and graphic design concept of the past-war period of 50–60s of the last century presented in modern design.

The best way to understand the roots of modern trends in furniture design is to look back to their history. Designers and architects of past-war period, inspired by simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian and Brazilian interiors, were reaching to create the best possible conditions for lifestyle of the average families. In this way a unique style of the Mid-twentieth Century was created. One of the main ideas of this style was to combine living spaces with surroundings. Thus, Mid-Century style features large wide windows, post-and-beam building structures, reducing number of partition walls and other specific details that provide interiors with lightness and airiness.

In some way, Mid-Century style is considered to be a follower of modernism. As well as modernism, this style is known for its passion to natural materials, high quality furniture and light range colors. However, the basis of this style is still in great functionality and simplicity: straight, clear lines and functional square outlines of Mid-Century have replaced smooth silhouette of modernism, and complex finishing were replaced by quality without excess decorative details.

Interiors of 50–60s years of the last century are commonly featured with white walls, as furniture items beneficially stand out along white background. This interior style does not accept overloading with details and accessories — a few bright accents in the interior look better than accumulation of small, even cute details. Having combined the aesthetic and “naturality” of modernism with simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian style, a new style became the most common approach in post-war baby-boom period.

Active interest and immersion of Mid-Century style at present time come from its lightness, clarity and absence of excess details. Mid-Century Modern interiors fit well to fast-moving modern life.

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