Momo White Nightstand
Bedside table is a modular element of furniture using of which you decide many problems appearing before you going to sleep. If you like reading, looking through the news papers or favorite magazines before going to sleep you cannot manage without Nightstand. It is also comfortable for placing so necessary things for your toilet, cosmetics, favorite trifles which you always need to be near you. The table near the bed is also a wonderful place for night lightings, alarm clocks, mini TV-sets that allow you having rest with taste and comfort.
The bedside table is especially necessary in the small-sized apartments. Capacious, equipped with numerous of shelves and departments they can replace massive chests for linen or other things necessary in bedroom.

The variety of constructive decisions and stylistic orientations allow every buyer finding his own variant. Perhaps the small refined table looking like coffee table supplementing with the romantic interior will be enough. Or maybe you need solid classic furniture to hide many things. At the same time bedside should not block up the placement and impede your free moving.

Choosing such important element of furniture you should take into account the ergonomy. It should be comfortable to place something both on the table and inside it. All roll-out cases, doors and all equipments of the model should be convenient.

In most cases bedside tables are bought in pair and have the castors to lighten the manipulations with them.

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At the image shown the Momo White Nightstand.

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