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4 PC Office Set with Credenza and Hutch
How should the appropriate furniture for director look? Of course, it should be strict (in business style), qualitative and comfortable. It specially concerns to the office table for directors – the most important element of the cabinet attracting looks of all visitors. Important decisions are taken, serious documents are signed, the matters of company’s future are settled at this table – therefore it should be big, with massive table top. The table for chief should be equipped with different attached elements – cupboards for documents, auxiliary tables for meetings and conferences. Such office table should not have any superstructures and stands for monitor.
The form of the table top of the office table for director should not obligatory be standard – oval, semicircular or curved forms look more effective and are more comfortable at work. They allow increasing the useful area without “eating up” space of the cabinet and help to keep order.

The color of office tables can be any but according to the recommendations of psychologists it is desirable to avoid black color. Appropriate colors for office tables are olive green, silver, wooden shades and so on.

Office tables of economic class have table tops of melamine, aluminum legs, and standard form. Furniture of standard class is the massive tables finished with veneer sheets, sometimes of intricate forms, with numerous attached and roll-out elements, comfortable and ergonomic. Models of luxe class are the designers’ working outs, made of natural wood, with inclusions of chromed steel or glass.

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At the image shown the 4 PC Office Set with Credenza and Hutch

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