Space-saving Solutions

Having small area we always try to get “free” square meters which could be used for creating some additional elements of interior. It is possible to get the additional place by perfecting the keeping system.
First of all you should refuse from stereotypes. Somebody taught us that the kitchen furniture is intended only for dishes, bookcases – for books and so on. So now – forget about this. If you have free shelves, just use them. Keep clothes and shoes in the boxes, place there different accessories. Improve the cupboards you have by adding there additional shelves, baskets and boxes. For shoes it is better to purchase the compact keeping system.

Sliding-door wardrobe is the most modern kind of multifunctional keeping systems, moreover it is very practical and comfortable element of furniture. Purchasing the sliding-door wardrobe you can visually extend the space of your houses and apartments by minimizing the area taken with furniture. Sliding-door wardrobes are suitable for hall and living rooms, bedrooms and children rooms. Depending on their intension they can be different: low and high, under the ceiling, narrow and wide, deep and not, without back or side walls. Sliding-door wardrobe is so comfortable because of its inner construction. Modular “honeycomb” system consists of shelves, cases, hangings and stands. Light baskets of aluminum and cases of particle board or plastic are rolled-out. The filling of sliding-door wardrobe can be thought out and order it according to your tastes and needs.

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At the image shown the Oscar Hall Unit in Italian Chestnut

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