Transforming tables

It is impossible to imagine the cozy home without such important detail as a table. Sitting at it we work, eat, play different games. Every table is created for its determined role in our life. If it is a dining table then to have place for all members of our family; if it is a coffee table then small and refined; if it is a desk then multifunctional with a stand for monitor and several cases. But how often we want more than we already have! To satisfy this desire the universal and very useful in everyday life article was created – the transforming table.

To change its form the table is equipped with different specific mechanisms which allow increasing or decreasing height, width or length of table top. There are two main models of transforming tables: with side “wings” and tables-“books”. The first model has the mechanism for adding side sections to the table-top. The second model distinguishes with special panels-insets which are possible to move out to the middle of the table when it is necessary.

If you are going to use this element of furniture quite often you have to pay attention on the material which is used for producing the details of the table. When the resin-bonded chipboard is used the hardware parts in such models will wear out faster than in models where the details of valuable sorts of wood are used, for example of oak or cherry tree.

If you are a great connoisseur of spectacular elements of your interior you will like the table which table top is made of glass. All mechanisms of such models are made of wood or metal and all details are though out aesthetically because it is in the public eye. Glass transforming tables successfully blend with any stylistic of placement from classic decoration to hi-tech owing to its elegant appearance.

Transforming table is indispensable if you have a problem with the free place at home. They are aesthetically thought out and comfortable in practice. There will be enough place for all your guests – you just unfold it and enjoy the common celebration.

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