Wall Murals

Wallpapers decorating living rooms and bedrooms of 70s with the rare exception could be determined with the word “kitsch” or its multiply synonyms. Modern versions of this expressive décor offered by the leading world producers differ from their predecessors with the high quality of printing, creative themes and unlimited size possibilities.

Looking at the Wall Murals you can hardly accuse their authors of non-professionalism or attempts of chip imitation. Moreover actual modern tendencies of decorating the interior are the grateful content for this creative and unexpected “inserts” changing the perception of the space.

Correctly chosen theme can visually move apart the walls, enlarge the height of ceiling, bring the volume into the placement and develop the space dynamic. Moreover such scale “picture” will become the powerful source of associations and emotionality of interior and life of its habitants.

There is a selection of thousands of high quality images, fashion designs and patterns: beautiful beach scenes, forest, famous cityscapes, kids’ favorite prints, etc…

Article taken from http://blog.theunfinishedfurniture.com/2011/05/04/wallpapers-in-interior

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