Why use Sit-Stand Desk? Advantages over computer desks

If you are searching for an office desk to work long hours in front of the screen or over papers and don’t feel like spending all this time sitting, consider an adjustable desk, also known as a sit-stand desk.

Why use Sit-Stand Desk

2000 Series 55″ Sit-Stand Desk

The first, and probably the main advantage of such desks is that they give you the possibility to work standing when you feel like taking a break from hours of sitting but can’t go for a small walk. At the same time, unlike a standing desk, it doesn’t really oblige you to only work from this position — if you get tired you can always put it lower and use a chair to sit. And if your chair is foldable, you will even keep the space saving quality of the desk.

This is another reason why people, especially managers, lean to these desks more and more. First, yes, gathering a dozen of these desks in one working space you’ll notice how much floor area they actually save compared to “normal” sitting desks. Also it reportedly makes workers more dynamic, flexible and eventually more effective.

Why use Sit-Stand Desk
Being dynamic and flexible is also good for you physically. A standing working position is better for your spine (some users even say that they managed to lose a few pounds after switching to a standing work position).

Last but not the least, another feature of an adjustable desk, which we’ve already partially mentioned, is its versatility. Aside from being able to work sitting and standing, you can go for any position in between (for example, if you like tall bar chairs and want to have it as your working chair, or you want to sit on the chair on your knees). It is also a nice option if you’re very tall and can’t find a fitting sitting desk, or if you’re short and all “normal” desks are too low for you.

Why use Sit-Stand Desk

Why use Sit-Stand Desk


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