Wicker furniture

Wicker furniture
Do you like to change or even to replace furniture in your house? Then imagine that instead of grandmother’s chest at the favorite place of living room there will be an airy armchair made of rods or coffee table made of reed. The designers assume hat fashionable wicker furniture favors the health improvement of home atmosphere, creates the feeling of warmth and coziness. It is also ecological and refinement.

For producing wicker furniture various sorts of willows, cane, walnut rods are used. The furniture is also weaved of rattan, plastic, bamboo, reed. Furniture is weaved with different ways and patterns. Usually furniture is made manually but now the machine ways of weaving are used also. Sometimes for the base of the articles wood, metal or cast iron and for making table tops – glass and wood is used.

The traditional furniture is placed in solariums, verandas and yards. Some elements blend well with bedrooms, living rooms, fireplace rooms. The traditional producers of cabinet furniture often use in their series models the decorative inserts made of rattan. In summer it will be placed comfortably in the country house – in the garden or veranda. In winter it will blend with interior of apartment or cottage where can stay all over the year. Wicker articles are simple and unpretentious and will serve for dozens of years. The owners of fashionable apartments consider wicker furniture to be stylish, elegant and avant-garde. Moreover that now you can find almost anything wicker: office and home furniture, exclusive and everyday, expensive and not much, partitions and decorative panels, accessories and dishes.

Article taken from http://blog.theunfinishedfurniture.com/2010/12/17/wicker-furniture-in-interior

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