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Wine is considered to be a real masterpiece and many devices for its keeping were created to prolong its time, keep its vital power, unique taste and aroma. For keeping vine different placements are used where it is possible to create the necessary microclimate. Today for keeping bottles of vine we use vine refrigerators-cupboards.

Wine refrigerators can differ from the common ones not only with appearance but also with the cooling system. Besides it the vine cupboards are equipped with the system of keeping humidity. Another important problem is the protection of undesirable smells for which the coal filters inside the cupboards are used.

The cost of vine cupboards depends on the capacity and on the used cooling system.

One of the main requirements made to the vine refrigerators is the absolute absence of vibration while operating. As for working temperatures for vine cupboards they are higher than for the common refrigerators. Vine is kept in the temperature about 10-15°С. So there is no freezing chamber in the vine cupboards.

By the inner temperature the models divide into one-zone or mono-temperature (when the temperature is the same in all inner space of cupboard), two-, three- and multi-zoned (multi-temperature).

By the appearance the wine cabinets differ from each other with the capacity, construction of shelves and design. By the volume the vine refrigerators can be different – from small ones for 18-20 bottles till the giants for 500-700 ones. Shelves are usually made of firm wood or have the lattice construction, or made solid with the hollows for bottles to exclude their rolling. The bottles are placed horizontally or with the incline of 45° (so called presentational shelf which is situated higher than others).

Construction of shelves is very important moment because the comfort of operating of wine cabinets depends on this. Shelves should roll out easily that they could be cleaned or turned. It is good when the shelves can be shifted by height.

Vine cupboards can stand separately or be built-in. The doors of vine cupboards can be absolutely lightproof or equipped with special double-glazing unit containing the list of quartz glass. The glass allows seeing the vines in all their beauty so such cupboards are usually placed in living rooms, cabinets, dining rooms. The walls of vine cupboards are heat- and soundproof.

Keeping all these uneasy rules while choosing the appropriate wine cabinets you will be rewarded with the possibility to have the wonderful collection of vine kept in compliance with all traditions.

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