Wood kitchen is still in fashion

Everything changes in this world. Furniture of ceramogermanithe, glass, metal and plastic come to replace wood kitchen. This is natural: innovative elements of interior appear to make the human’s life more comfortable and practical. But the dining furniture made of wood is still on the tops of popularity.
It seems that the wood kitchen suits exceptionally the country style which distinguishes with originality and simplicity. But the designers affirm that the wood is the kindest material therefore the elements of interior made of it worth the noblest use.

Kitchen of wood has the distinctive features according to which it is possible to single it out from others. First of all this is the color of facade. In most cases the producers make kitchen cupboards, shelves and other elements with dead, glossy, half-dead surface covered with several layers of lacquer.

The most wide-spread material for producing kitchen furniture is such sorts of wood as oak, beech, cherry-tree, pine. Owing to the variety of wood the color palette of elements of interior is very rich. Taking into attention that modern companies use different methods of treatment of wood giving new colors and shades, the common coloring of kitchen furniture seems to be incomprehensible.

To extend the assortment of production some companies paint the wood in different colors. Pine is kind for treatment: being light itself it gets any decorative colors and keeps the wood pattern.

The wood elements of interior are decorated with panels. This decorative cover plate getting up the facade of kitchen furniture can be carved or smooth. Sometimes it is made of other sort of wood to emphasize the contrast of materials. The purpose of decorative plank is not only to make the furniture more attractive but also to keep its form, especially if the panel is used for design of door of kitchen cupboards.

The wood furniture feels wonderful in spacious placements. The royal posture and majestic grace of elements of interior make kitchen beautiful and cozy.

Article taken from http://blog.theunfinishedfurniture.com/2010/08/16/wood-kitchen-is-still-in-fashion
At the image shown the Matthew 2 PC Hutch with Cabinet

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