Zip Bed

Zip Bed
Ones were taught in the army and others – by their parents or grandparents to make their beds in the morning that the room looks neat and cozy. After becoming older (and cleverer) we stopped listening to our parents implicitly and now we decide ourselves what to do with our bed and if it is necessary to make it in the morning if at night you will have to go to bed again. For such lazy and slovenly people the designers thought out the bed called Zip Bed.

This bed, exactly the concept created by Italian company Florida Furniture does not need to be made. This is Zip Bed – it is enough just to fasten it to make you room well-groomed and neat look again hiding all tracks of sleeping people covered with blankets.

The furniture piece is highly modern and elegant, perfect for a large variety of contemporary interiors. Zip Bed is projected the way that it can stay made even in folded condition. The bed’s soft, gently rounded frame is padded and upholstered; along the perimeter of the bed there is a long zipper to which the covering is fixed which hides pillows and sheets under it. The linen can be of any color, from white or red to blue or black and is in set with the bed.

So it will be necessary to make the bed only a couple of times a week. At all other days you will just hide the linen showing others the stylish innovative bed which is comfortable to use not only as a sleeping place but also as a sofa. The Zip Bed is available in a dreamy palette of white, gray or blue. Maybe next model of Zip Bed will also include cases or shelves for linen and warm blankets.

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